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Originally Posted by castingdonkey View Post
Hot spotting peoples favorite fishing holes does get them pissed off. It has been happening to some key bass spots for a long time. Showed one wrong guy a few pics and the people lined up on the shore elbow to elbow. Haven't had an awesome trip to that spot in years. There are some dudes making videos of all of the hot spots for bass fishing and putting them on YouTube for their own personal gains. That's why we started renaming fishing holes and editing things out of the background to at least make it tougher. On that note the fish you're catching are very nice and that pisses them off just as much to see a dude with a spinning rod and a jerk bait kicking ass on their spot. I think that fish grip thing probably causes them to shit a little too but whatever lol. Keep the great posts coming I look forward to them.
Yeah,I noticed a change a couple of yrs ago with the volume of people at JC.Last year was tough but this year has been the best year I've seen there personally(with the size and a few more 2lbers being caught this year like when I started fishing there 5yrs ago)! I figure for the most part someone showed me how to fish and to look for certain locations! So if I can't figure out how to catch them I need to learn different techniques or find new water for a while! I do get what you're saying about locations being over fished but JC is almost always a good time? The fish gripper if handled properly is way better than taking the slime coat off with your hand.Yeah I don't let the spinning Rod deter me from fishing around them.You can usually tell which ones are cool with it and which ones aren't! On the hooks,I did lose a few on the bigger front hook with the fish jumping out of the water! But most of these fish including the smaller ones were very strong and feisty which made for fun fishing!

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